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Simple Installation

Halmstad, Sweden

In Sweden we have partnered with a regional solar installer for assembly, distribution, and installation for the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile. An early customer for our partnership was the first in their neighbourhood to install the Ergosun tiles, and they have relished showing their roof off to their neighbours!

Our Approach

Partnering with the local solar installer, we enabled our partner to assemble the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles onto the concrete tiles for the project. We then assisted in ensuring that the roofing contractor understood the simple extra step of connecting the tiles as they were installed on the roof in exactly the same manner as traditional concrete tiles.


The Installation

The roofing contractor on the project was amazed at how simple the installation was. The crew simply came prepared to install concrete roof tiles as they do on projects every day, with the simple addition of plugging each tile into the next across the roof. For the solar installer, he was excited to be able to offer the homeowner more power by installing Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof tiles across the whole roof, even in spaces that would not fit traditional solar panels.


The Final Product

Nearly 4 kW of installed power on the home in Halmstad is almost invisible from the street, prompting the homeowner to consider a sign bragging about his solar home.

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