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Building Integrated Solar Panels can Improve Power Output from a Roof by 60%

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Ergosun Panel Configuration

Traditional Panel Configuration


  1. Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles allow for 60% more power generation on a typical roof

  2. Complex roofs need different solutions than standard solar panels

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) can achieve many things – they look great, install simply, make use of available space for power generation, and afford people pride in their homes. Of course, there is an obvious reason for integrating solar products into building materials … power generation.

Making use of available space is one of the arguments for BIPV that is rarely discussed, but it can make a huge difference in the ability of a home owner to replace power they purchase from a utility company with power from their own roof. We recently helped a customer compare alternate solar layouts with traditional solar panels versus Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles. The architectural drawings allowed us to do a precise comparison.

Using Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles we were able to fit 21,500 watts of capacity on the roof, whereas conventional panels could only generate 13,500 watts – a 60% improvement. In the real world this enabled the homeowner to replace nearly 80% of the power they purchased with power from their own roof, as compared to conventional panels where they could replace just 50% of the power they purchased. A significant difference.

How is this possible? Well, the answer is intuitive. When you bond the solar panel directly to the roof tile you get a module that can be placed everywhere that you place roof tiles, and there are a lot more spaces to place a roof tile than a solar panel. You can fill the hips and valleys of the roof.

Step back from your home and look at the roof. Commonly, you will see window dormers, sky lights, and various other fixtures such as vent pipes. All these items prevent conventional solar panels from being installed. However, as the drawings above demonstrate, Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles fit around all these items. There is the opportunity, right before your eyes!

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