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State of the Art Sustainability

Lions Bay, BC

When the O’Dwyers made the decision to build their home as sustainably as possible, they knew they wanted to add rooftop solar. In such a spectacular setting, though, they didn’t want to put traditional panels on the roof or sacrifice the complexity of their roof lines. The Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles were selected to blend into the environment and the design of the home, with spectacular results!

Our Approach

We worked with the owner and builder to maximize the power generation on the home while ensuring that we maintained the homeowner's vision for his home's exterior.


The Installation

During installation, we worked closely with the roofing contractor and solar integrator to ensure they understood where the solarized tiles were to be installed on the roof and how to connect into the combiner wires. Blending the solarized and non-solarized roof tiles across the complex roofline, the installation process was smooth and the house looks spectacular!


The Final Product

With Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles, every available space the size of a single tile can be solarized. Fitting solar around vents, skylights, and other items on the roof simply comes down to utilizing all of the spaces where this “roof furniture” is not present.

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