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Case Studies

Showcase of Work

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State of the Art Sustainability

Lions Bay, BC

When the O’Dwyers made the decision to build their home as sustainably as possible, they knew they wanted to add rooftop solar. In such a spectacular setting, though, they didn’t want to put traditional panels on the roof or sacrifice the complexity of their roof lines. The Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles were selected to blend into the environment and the design of the home, with spectacular results!

Building a Green Community

Comox, BC

Homes by Crown Isle is premier home builder in BC's Comox Valley. Committed to the highest environmental standards and with a desire to maintain the aesthetic, they first learned of the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile from our Lions Bay project homeowner and knew it was something they wanted.

More Power on Complex Roofs

London, UK

A London, England, based customer owns a home with a challenging roofline for traditional solar, featuring quite a bit of “roof furniture”. With a number of skylights, dormers, and vents, there remained very little area for traditional solar panels to be installed, dramatically limiting the amount of power they could achieve. Ergosun Integrated Solar Rooftop Tiles overcame this challenge.

Simple Installation

Halmstad, Sweden

In Sweden we have partnered with a regional solar installer for assembly, distribution, and installation for the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile. An early customer for our partnership was the first in their neighbourhood to install the Ergosun tiles, and they have relished showing their roof off to their neighbours!

Difficult Planning Approval

Regent's Park, London, UK

Regent’s Park is among the most prestigious neighbourhoods in London. Our customer’s home is a Grade 1 Listed home, the equivalent of Heritage Home status in North America. To date, no Grade 1 Listed home has been approved for rooftop solar due, in large part, to the appearance restrictions. That all changed with Ergosun Integrated Solar Rooftop Tiles.

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