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More Power on Complex Roofs

London, UK

A London, England, based customer owns a home with a challenging roofline for traditional solar, featuring quite a bit of “roof furniture”. With a number of skylights, dormers, and vents, there remained very little area for traditional solar panels to be installed, dramatically limiting the amount of power they could achieve. Ergosun Integrated Solar Rooftop Tiles overcame this challenge.

Our Approach

With Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles, every available space the size of a single tile can be solarized. Fitting solar around vents, skylights, and other items on the roof simply comes down to utilizing all of the spaces where this “roof furniture” is not present.


The Installation

During the install, the roofing contractor installed Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles throughout the available space, simply connecting the tiles from one to the next. In this case, the customer was so proud to be installing a solar roof that they insisted on a lighter colour concrete tile for the non-solarized tiles so that the Ergosun tiles did not become invisible on the roof.

The Final Product

Using the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles enabled this customer to achieve more than double the installed power they were originally quoted with traditional panels. All of this was accomplished with a quick and smooth installation process in a busy city.

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