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Difficult Planning Approval

Regent's Park, London, UK

Regent’s Park is among the most prestigious neighbourhoods in London. Our customer’s home is a Grade 1 Listed home, the equivalent of Heritage Home status in North America. To date, no Grade 1 Listed home has been approved for rooftop solar due, in large part, to the appearance restrictions. That all changed with Ergosun Integrated Solar Rooftop Tiles.

Our Approach

We worked with our customer and the planning commission to demonstrate that the Ergosun tiles could be installed on the home without changing the look or character of the home. The planning commission was satisfied that the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tiles would blend seamlessly into the neighbourhood and quickly approved the installation.

The Installation

During installation, the roofing contractor was able to work independent of Solarmass and simply install the Ergosun roof tiles the same way they install traditional concrete roof tiles. Even with a small area of roof to work with, we were able to supply nearly 2kW of installed power to the home.


The Final Product

Overcoming planning restrictions can be a major obstacle to installing rooftop solar in many jurisdictions. This project proved that even in the strictest regulatory environment, the Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile can enable customers to go solar, beautifully!

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