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The Demand for Companies to Do Better

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

On September 19th, 2019 Amazon announced that it is going to hit its Paris Climate Accord commitments a decade early.

The speed of their progress is amazing.  The company is committed – its employees are driving a culture that insists that the company make progress. A big piece of their sustainability plan is to lean on electric delivery vehicles.  Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 delivery vans with EV start-up Rivian as a place holder to achieve the goal.

What is impressive about this change is that the pace is at least partly a result of the demands of the workforce. Amazon’s employees are demanding their company be a difference maker.  At a time when some governments are shying away from a focus on climate change, every day people are committed to reducing the impact of our society on the climate – evidenced by the recent climate change protests, including today’s global Climate Strike. 

It is refreshing for companies to accept that taking a stand on sustainability can be good for the business, for their employees and their culture and for the citizens of the world to say that they want change. 

With our integrated solar roof tile, we are committed to helping in the fight against climate change. By removing the barrier of unsightly solar panels while generating clean energy to power cars, electronics, lights, and even heat  pools, we are making solar more accessible to more people.  

Today and every day we are in the fight against climate change.

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